Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trash Craft: Tea Coasters from Magazine Strips

Okay, here are the long promised pictures...the tea coasters from magazine strips.

Months back when Sony and I were looking for innovative ideas for trash crafts, we came across the idea of using gum wrappers to make long chains by linking them. We tried it out and made a picture frame by the same technique of linking folded pieces of gum wrapper. We used folded polythene strips instead. Here is the post of the picture frame made from strips cut out from a polythene carry bag.

After that we used strips from a magazine to make tea coasters by weaving the strips together like a mat. I had promised to share the pictures. I found the pictures from my phone recently. Here they are.


Anonymous said...

these coasters are very nice. My daughter got those as gifts from natasha's kids. those are really cool. Thanks
from zully bhai

Dr Natasha Das said...

Thank you Zully Bhai. Glad your daughter liked them. I am always looking for new ideas for craft. Keep coming back for more such ideas.