Thursday, July 19, 2012

TOI Goof Up: Once More?

Bollywood's first true superstar, Rajesh Khanna passed away last afternoon. I have always adored his acting, that nod of the head, that smile...My mom, like most ladies her age, must have been a bigger fan of that icon. 

There have been obituaries about him all over the internet and I expected a good leisurely read about Khanna and his career in the newspaper.  

And no, I still haven't changed my daily newspaper. I still read the Times of India every single day like I did when I was in college. It's a die-hard habit now, I guess. But why is the TOI deteriorating in standards? Here's a news about Amitabh paying tribute to Rajesh Khanna. 

The caption under the picture says, "Amitabh outside Aashirwad on Wednesday". Right...yesterday was Wednesday! So where's the goof-up, you ask? 

It's right in your the first line. It says, "Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna’s co-star in Anand visited the late actor’s residence Aashirwad on Friday to pay his tribute. " Friday??? It's Thursday today. And it was Wednesday yesterday...not Friday. 

The goof ups do not end at that. Here's one more. 

The last sentence reads "Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan also played respect to Bollywood’s first superstar." 'Played respect' or 'payed respect'...Okay, that's only a typo, probably! But why? I love the TOI. Shouldn't it be error free? Is it too much to ask for?


zulie khan said...

good observation

Dr Natasha Das said...

Thanks, Zulie bhai. Don't know what's wrong with TOI. There is a goof up almost every single day!

esdisez said...

TOI must learn Bol Bachchan's BOLI asap